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Axial Leaded Micro Fuse

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • UL248-14(former198G) Microfuse(Table 13.1)
  • Interrupting Rating : 50A
  • Temperature Resistivity ; 260? 10sec max. during Solder Reflow
  • Plastic body : 400? resistive Liquid Crystal Polyester

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 22S-TO200 L

 125V 200mA

 22S-TO16 L

 125V 1.6A

 22S-TO250 L

 125V 250mA

 22S-TO20 L

 125V 2A

 22S-TO315 L

 125V 315mA

 22S-TO25 L

 125V 2.5A

 22S-TO400 L

 125V 400mA

 22S-TO30 L

 125V 3A

 22S-TO500 L

 125V 500mA

 22S-TO35 L

 125V 3.5A

 22S-TO630 L

 125V 630mA

 22S-TO40 L

 125V 4A

 22S-TO750 L

 125V 750mA

 22S-TO50 L

 125V 5A

 22S-TO800 L

 125V 800mA


 63V 6.3A

 22S-TO10 L

 125V 1A


 63V 7A

 22S-TO13 L

 125V 1.25A


 63V 8A

 22S-TO15 L

 125V 1.5A


 63V 10A


** Since this products are directly replaceable with our innovative SS-5 products,we stopped it's production at the moment.    Please see SS-5 or SS-5F instead.

  • Design & Mf'g technology- patents
  • Outstanding surge-proof ; Slow Blow &  Quick acting available.
  • Less cost than any others' by innovated manufacturing technology.
  • No possibility of continuity failure or deterioration during Wave soldering process.
  • Individual marking on every unit.
  • Bulk packing or Taping for auto-inserting process.
  • Relatively higher Interrupting capability than other competitors.